Calnex 网络仿真器SNE 发布最新 25GbE端口

Calnex Releases Multi-Port 25GbE in its Multi-Port SNE Platform enabling High Speed Ethernet Network Emulation.

Calnex SNE

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, April 23, 2019 – Calnex Solutions Ltd today released multi-port 25GbE interfaces in its multi-port, multi-user Network Emulator. The SNE now supports multiple ports of 1GbE, 10GbE and 25GbE making it the industry’s highest port density network emulator supporting up to 16ports 1GbE, up to 12 ports 10GbE and up to 4 ports 25GbE.

The Calnex SNE is used in a wide variety of networks and applications including Mobile, WAN verification, IT, Data Center relocation, Military/ Security, Smart-Grid Utilities, Healthcare and Broadcast Communications as well as Video Conferencing Communications.

“SD-WAN, Cloud/OTT, Data Centers and Broadcast are hot new application areas for Network Emulation,” said Tommy Cook, CEO of Calnex Solutions. “These application areas require products with flexibility & high port count. The addition of 25GbE enables Calnex to effectively address these key applications as the SNE product provides this flexibility with its scalable, multi-port, multi-user platform.”

About Calnex Solutions
Calnex Solutions is a leading provider of R&D test solutions for Ethernet synchronisation technologies. The company serves customers in more than 45 countries, including many of the largest telecom companies in the world. Information about Calnex is available on the Web at

Anand Ram, Calnex Solutions
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